Absinthe Pontarlier Glass
PEK Preservario Wine Preserver
Viva! Stick Muddler MK II (new! September 2009)
Viva! Stick Muddler (new! January 2009)
Klein Beverage Tool Opener (new! May 2010)
UberBarTools Strainer - Strainray (new! July 2010)


Archie McPhee Cocktail Monkeys
Archie McPhee Cocktail Elephants
PUG Muddler - Drink Muddler

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Bar Tools

We don't just review various drinks here, or the books about them, but also the indispensable tools and toys to make and enjoy them. While there are very few really new bar tools each year, there are hundreds of new products out each year which are refinements or variations of a basic product. Cocktail shakers are an excellent example - there are thousands of different shapes, styles, materials, sizes, etc. Inventors, designers, and innovators of bar equipment are in some ways similar to reviewers, you will find people and companies who design items a certain way that you will enjoy more than others, they also use different types of materials, or have different ways of doing something, or have different personal tastes and inclinations.

So, try as many as possible and keep track of your favorite designer's or company's efforts to find the best fit for you and your personal style.





Fez-o-Rama Fez (new! January 2010)


Celtic Malts Spirits Glass
Rum Rummer Flasks
Absinthe lady spout fountain


Obsello Absinthe Spoon (new! April 2010)

Spirits Review Barstore

KegWorks.com (Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc)

Rum Rumrunner Misters (new! May 2009)
Cane Tulip Glass (new! February 2009)
Nostalgia Martini Mixer
Absinthe Tronc de Comptoirs

Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks (new! November 2011)

Mountain Top Olive Wood Muddler   (new! November 2011)

Absinthe Large Est Glass
Absinthe Cordon Glass
TAG Muddler - Drink Muddler
Waring Electric Martini Mixer
UberBarTools Jigger - Projig (new! July 2010)


Archie McPhee Cocktail Cats
Archie McPhee Cocktail Demons
Cooper Cooler - Rapid Drinks Cooler
Bottle Wise Wine Duo Carrier
Ice Orb (new! April 2010)
UberBarTools Spoon - Prostirrer (new! June 2010)
UberBarTools Strainer - Juliep (new! July 2010)