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Bar Tools - Cordon Absinthe Glass



ITEM: Cordon Absinthe Glass

ITEM TYPE: Glassware, Absinthe
MAKER: Unknown
COST: $20 (Plus Shipping)

Overview: Handmade, mouthblown, absinthe glass replica of one of the more desirable antique glasses

Appearance: Well made, no mold marks (glass is blown) with what I would call a thin commercial thickness lip (not like a Reidel martini glass) which will stand up to regular handling and less likely to chip thinner and more finished looking than the Pontarlier. Dimensions: height 6.8 inches, diameter 3.25 inches, bowl is inscribed for line for measuring out the absinthe. Capacity is 7 ounces.

First Impression: Easy-to-hold, nice balance, big enough to add enough water without splashing, measuring line and top of glass is faceted giving it a more finished look than some other glasses out there.

Testing: Easy to measure the absinthe. Width fits all spoon designs,fits the hand nicely,easy and straight forward to wash and dry.

Cons: Not as robust as a Pontarlier.

Final Thoughts: Robust and not expensive enough to make afraid to use it, easy to clean. . .

Web site:

Great Site!

Lots of pictures, scads of information and best prices I have seen. Highly recommend their site and products. Great customer service and advice.





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