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Bar Tools - Absinthe Tronc de Comptoirs



ITEM: Tronc de Comptoirs (Spoon Holder)

ITEM TYPE: Absinthe Spoon Holder
COST: $65 (Plus Shipping)

Overview:To have a fully tricked out absinthe set-up, you need a holder to hold and showcase your spoon collection.Yes you can get away with throwing a bunch of them stem down into a glass, and fanning them out, but this looks a lot better and would have been the way it was done at the turn of the century on the bar.

Appearance: Well cast and finished, no mold marks. Brass with metallic pewter finish. Casting is solid, heavy and decently done. Finish is excellent. Dimensions: Height is 8 inches, diameter is 4.75 inches, so it will accomadate a lot of spoons nicely.

First Impression: Hefty, hate to be on the wrong end of this-probably was a popular weapon of oppurtunity.

Testing: Not much to test- heavy, solid, does the job and looks nice.

Cons: None

Final Thoughts: Just the thing to show off the spoons and complete your absinthe montage.

Web site:

Great Site!

Lots of pictures, scads of information and best prices I have seen. Highly recommend their site and products. Great customer service and advice.





Overall rating:

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