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Bar Tools - TAG Muddler




Item: TAG Muddler

ITEM TYPE: Muddler (Fruit Muddler, Bar Muddler, see info box)
MAKER: Tony Abu Gamin
COST: $18.00 US  (Plus Shipping)


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Overview: TAG muddlers (Named for the Mixologist and their designer Tony Abou Gamin) are bar muddlers made for Tony Abou Gamin and marketed by Ultimate Bar Chef, among others.They are made of solid cherry and stamped/branded TAG BAR on the top of the muddler.

Appearance: Nicely made, well finished and substantial product with a nice color and grain to the wood.

First Impression: Much longer (almost 9 3/4 inches) and larger (1 1/2 inches across bottom, business end) than most muddlers makes it a joy to use - a lot more leverage and coverage, and fits the hand nicely, and also harder to lose track of.

Testing: Work well on a variety of drinks, larger end/grinding surface make it simple to thoroughly muddle ingredients and still maintain control of a glass. Some of the smaller ones can go sideways and send a glass shooting off onto the floor. If you are really feeling like leaning into it you can put your hand on to the top without the pain you get from the skinny muddler's punching into your palm - a great feature especially if you are mixing a number of drinks.

Decently made out of good cherry, not finished with god-knows-what like some other muddlers (NOTE: be sure to soak in mineral oil for a while before use - and don't wash in a dishwasher!). Tony's choice of cherry holds up well to the task without chipping, denting, or getting fuzzy unlike some of the other cheaper wood some use. Also not being metal or plastic they will not react with anything in a drink, corrode or leave bits of metal, plastic or plating in a drink .

Final Thoughts: A well made piece of equipment, decent size so it is easy on the hands,hard to lose track of,has large grinding surface, and heavy duty enough to qualify as a weapon in some states. A serious bar tool that would be a great addition to any bar home or professional as it is well made, works well and hard to break. Better made than a lot of others out there and will probably last a lifetime great price for what you are getting. Would make a great gift for the bartender or drinks enthusiast in you life.

Web site:www.ultimatebarchef.com

At Ultimate Bar Chef you will find a number of excellent and well designed bar implements- all of which are great quality, fit and finish and made for heavy duty/industrial grade use - not some flashy cheap stuff that breaks after a couple months.

or Tony's site

where you can read about him and what he is up to and also order your muddler.





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