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Bar Tools - Caribbean Cocktail (Rum) Glass Cane Tulip



Item: Caribbean Cocktail Glass (Rum) Cane Tulip

ITEM TYPE: Glassware, Professional, Nosing Glass
MAKER:Design Caterina Giarimi and Duane Dove
COST: $58.00 US per PAIR (Plus Shipping)

Overview: A noteworthy new addition to professional grade glass ware for spirits and the only one we know of specifically for rum. Designed as a tasting and nosing glass - the term Caribbean Cocktail glass is a bit of a misnomer THIS IS NOT some cheap "Hurricane" swilling glass but a very serious glass for those who take their rum seriously. Rum has long suffered an image problem especially in the U.S. as something you drank as a cheap substitute for something else far better.

As noted in such books as Rum A Social and Sociable History or And A Bottle of Rum rum was often a substitute for a more expensive ( or outlawed, blockaded or otherwise unavailable) spirit. Only recently has rum been embraced by connoisseurs and cognoscenti alike as a spirit worthy of serious appreciation - see our rum review section for our numerous reviews. Rum is still one of the cheapest spirits going on a quality to cost ratio (with single malt whisky being at the other end of the spectrum in our opinion), this with the newness of better sipping rums (as opposed to the ones drowned in mixers to keep from gagging) may be partially responsible for a lack of attention from designers and marketers of quality glassware to appreciate the spirit. Riedel, Celtic Malts and others have wonderful but specific glasses for cognacs, whiskies, even tequilas, but not for rum.

This has now thankfully changed with the collaboration of Duane Dove a noted rum and chocolate expert, and glass designer Catarina Giarimi.

Appearance: Well made, no mold marks (glass is mouth blown crystal) well polished with a thin (but not overly fragile) lip.

Dimensions: height 7 1/12 inches, lip 1 1/2 inches, bowl 2 inches.

Whisper thin stem and foot with a beautiful balance to it. About half the weight of a Riedel Cognac glass giving it a almost ethereal quality. Capacity is about six ounces (not that you would think of filling it like that). Looks vaguely like a tulip glass or a Riedel cognac glass at first glance but the proportions are quite different. Nicely engraved with a slightly whimsical design of sugar cane stalks well above the color and swirl judging areas to provide a artful touch without interfering with technical evaluations/enjoyment of the rum.

First Impression: Delicate looking , beautiful, wonderful balance. Production quality is first rate.

Testing: There are two delivery points on a glass - the chimney or opening at the top which funnel the aromas, and the body which allows an aroma to air mix/aeration. These 2 components also serve another crucial function, the delivery of the spirit in specific amounts to a specific spot on your lips and tongue.To further explain, the glass shapes the width and flow of the spirit as it flows from the glass to your mouth (width and amount by diameter and slope of the glass). All that being said, here is how it stacks up:

Across the board from Homere Clement and a host of other Rhum Agricole's to the cheapest Rhum Industrial swill we could stomach it made an across the board quantum leap in aroma, taste and even to a good degree finish. I ran it by a number of people using the same rums in different glasses and they all accuse me of ruining them for life. They can't go back. These glasses heighten the good to the sublime, and the excellent to the spectacular, even the cheap stuff seems much better. Proper matching of a glass to a spirit is as close to a religious experience as you can get in glassware and drinks.

Cons: Somewhat potentially fragile - not good for the clumsy. If you are a responsible connoisseur this is not a problem. Like anything fragile and precious don't hand it to anyone of questionable coordination/condition or use it casually - that is what tumblers are for.

Other: Giarmini Designs is a socially conscientious company who puts workers first, and profit margin after.

Final Thoughts: You wouldn't drink a good wine from a jelly jar, so why not give a expensive bottle of rum a similar treatment? A artfully made and equally important effective glass to maximize your enjoyment. A glass well worth clearing some space in your glassware cabinet - both for aesthetic appeal and technical grade evaluation and appreciation of rum. Treat it like your wine glasses in a way - try it against your regular nosing/drinking glasses for other spirits too to achieve the best fit (just as a white wine glass doesn't work well for a red wine some rums are better suited for this glass).

For those that it does work for it is wonderful and helps you get the most out of that bottle. Would also make a great gift for anyone who takes their rum seriously. If you want to truly elevate your rum experience you need some of these glasses. OK they are pricey but the difference they make is worth every dime.The boost any rum gets from these is worth it. For the cost of a decent bottle of rum (or less) you get a glass that transforms a ordinary rum to something wonderful - everytime, and the good stuff, well we don't have the adjectives for it. So from a cost/enjoyment perspective the price is damn cheap. Nothing else make a rum taste like these glasses do. Bottom line, if you are serious about rum you need to buy some of these glasses

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