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Bar Tools - PUG Muddler




Item: PUG Muddler

ITEM TYPE: Muddler (Fruit Muddler, Bar Muddler, as you like)
MAKER: Chris Gallagher
COST: $30.00 US  (Plus Shipping)


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Overview: PUG muddlers (PUG stands for "Pick Up Gallagher's" by the way) are bar muddlers made by Chris Gallagher in Cornwall, New York. They come in a variety of woods such as maple, cherry ($30),and jatoba ($35). Each one is handmade by the artisan himself.

Appearance: Nicely made and well finished product with a nice grain to the wood. Good attention to detail and thoughtful design.

First Impression: Much longer (almost 11 inches) and larger (1 1/2 inches across bottom, business end) than most muddlers makes it a joy to use - a lot more leverage and coverage, and fits the hand nicely. (See image at left of muddler next to a standard martini glass). Big enough to use as a weapon in a pinch and also harder to lose track of.

Testing: Work well on a variety of drinks, larger end/grinding surface make it simple to thoroughly muddle ingredients and still maintain control of a glass. Some of the smaller ones can go sideways and send a glass shooting off onto the floor.The design also allows you to use the midsection push twist or grind or if you are really feeling like leaning into it you can put your hand on to the top (palm on flat sloped area) without the pain you get from the skinny muddler's punching into your palm.

Good tight wood, well treated before shipping makes clean up a breeze, not untreated wood or finished with god-knows-what like some other muddlers. Chris's choice of woods hold up well to the task without chipping, denting, or getting fuzzy.Also not being metal they will not react with anything in a drink, corrode or leave bits of metal or plating in a drink .

Final Thoughts: A well made piece of equipment, and a piece of decorative art when you are not using it. A serious bar tool that would be a great addition to any bar home or professional as it is well made, works well and hard to break. Yes, as a handmade piece it costs more than the cheap mass produced stuff but it is a lot infinitely better made and will probably last a lifetime. Would make a great gift for the bartender or drinks enthusiast in you life.

Web site: No web site at this time.

Contact: Chris Gallagher jcgallagher08@hotmail.com





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