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Bar Tools - Cocktail Demons



Item: Cocktail Demons

ITEM TYPE: Cocktail Glass Decoration/Bauble
MAKER: Archie McPhee
COST: $9.95 US  per 100 (Plus Shipping)

OVERVIEW:One of the newer designs in cocktail baubles/accoutrements these are a amusing addition to the usual types you see.

Appearance: Decently made molding,excellent amount of detail, red in color.

First Impression: Red, slightly flexible plastic about 1 1/2 -1 3/4 inches long.

Testing: Hung on to all the glasses we put them on even shallow martini glasses. Hangs on fairly well, flexible.they stand on their own to make interesting decorations or social commentary also. If you clip the tail a little you can wear them as earrings and really make people wonder about you.

Final Thoughts: A amusing piece of whimsy to dress up a drink and help people keep track of which drink is theirs. Make a great gift for or a drinks enthusiast, Goths, Satanists, to infuriate Born Agains, or make a comment about the person whose drink you hang it on.

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All sorts of plastic kitsch that you thought you had seen the last of is alive and well on this website. Biggest collection of Tiki accessories around!








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