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Bar Tools - Ice Orb



Item: Ice Orb

ITEM TYPE: Mutliple Use - ice tray, ice bucket/cooler
MAKER: Fusion Brands
COST: $15.99 

OVERVIEW: Flexible blue plastic double walled container.
Cylindrical with bubble like exterior with smooth cylindrical appearance with clear/translucent lid . Used as an ice tray (makes 21 ice cubes), ice storage (holds 51), as a ice bucket to chill either bottles, cans or food loaded directly into the inner chamber.

Appearance: Decently made, seams and molding look good and well made.

First Impression: Tough, durable, lightweight, unbreakable, easy-to-fill, doesn't dent or tarnish.

Testing: Works quite while after you get used to it. Keeps condensation down to a minimum works fast, doesn't crack, absorb smells or require a lot of force.

Final Thoughts: Well made, slightly idiosyncratic product that does the jobs it was designed for well and needs almost no maintenance.

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