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Bar Tools - Cocktail Monkeys



Item: Cocktail Monkeys

ITEM TYPE: Cocktail Glass Decoration/Bauble
MAKER : Archie McPhee
COS : $5.95 U.S. per 100 ( Plus Shipping)

OVERVIEW: A amusing item to hang of a martini glass or to dress up one of those fruity Trader Vic type drinks (with or without resorting to an umbrella too).

Appearance: Decently made molding multiple of four colors.

First Impression: Shiny, bright hard clear plastic about 1 1/4 inches long.

Testing: Hung on to all the glasses we put them on even shallow martini glasses. Nice balance to them.

Final Thoughts: A amusing piece of whimsy to dress up a drink and help people keep track of which drink is theirs. Make a great gift for or a drinks' enthusiast and/or monkey fans!

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All sorts of plastic kitsch that you thought you had seen the last of is alive and well on this website. Biggest collection of Tiki accessories around!








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