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Bar Tools - Strainer - ÜberBarTools Juliep



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ITEM: ÜberBarTools Bar Strainer - Juliep (TM)

ITEM TYPE: Strainer, julep type
MAKER: Unknown
COST: $29.00 (Plus Shipping)

Overview: Branded julep strainer made for Über Bar Tools.

Appearance: Stamped from 1.5 mm food grade stainless steel and mirror polished. About 6.5 inches long, 3 inches wide.

First Impression: Decently made, good even finish, quite sturdy, nice feel and heft to it. About 3-4 time heavier construction than most. Quality tool.

Testing:As a julep strainer ( as opposed to a Hawthorne Strainer) you want this to perform to basic functions - 1. Scoop crushed ice - a little like a ice cream scoop, 2. Strain out bits of mint or other material like a teas strainer. Large size makes it easy to find and use behind the bar. Size also helps with rapid straining. Thoughtful design putting more holes on side for faster draining without clogging from the material you are trying to strain out like mint leaves - or whatever else. Heavy construction also allows you to use it as an ice scoop without worrying about it bending, breaking or shedding metal plating into ice supply. No plating to react in a drink, scratch, or wear off- nicely made. A lifetime tool, not a cheap throwaway.

Final Thoughts: Another almost weapons grade strainer from Über that is light years in quality beyond most of the cheap tinny crap out there and is a positive joy to use. If you are serious about your juleps this is the one to get. Solid, dependable, forever tool that is a great tool to use.

Web site:

Stylishly done if a bit light on pictures and information.





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