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Vodka - Touch


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Touch Vodka
Fat Dog Spirits LLC., Tampa, Florida
Wild Honey
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: American, Honey

PRICE: $ 40- 750 ML 

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: This Vodka is produced from wildflower honey from pine forests and everglades, (not from the fertilizer and insecticide loaded citrus groves ) and is fermented with champagne yeast. Distilled in small batches in a pot still (an important distinction when you are looking for flavor but much more labor intensive than a column still) and then NOT filtered -a major departure from virtually every other vodka.It takes a high degree of care to be able to do that.

Appearance: Beautiful, clear as a tear drop or morning dew. On swirling, it leaves a thin clear oily coat (sign of nice body) on the inside of the glass with some transitory legs developing then rolls slides back in a even coat.

First Impression: Slight whiff of honey - round smell, no sharp grain smell like a wheat or rye vodka. Has the distinctive toasty smell that is a hallmark of a champagne yeast.

Taste: Lightly oily on the tongue, sweet honey at first contact followed by a dry, melba toast like taste like a high high end french Brut Champagne. Crisp yeasty, toasty notes, pleasant mild bite/drying at the tip of the tongue.

Dry finish mixed with sweetness but not overly so. Notes of pine, touch of vanilla and dark chocolate, with a smooth,thick body/mouthfee at the end with a warming slightly sweet finish. More like drinking a concentrated bottle of Dom than the usual vodka.

Drinks: The martini was extremely smooth and wonderfully dry with a light sweet toasty finish. In other drinks it proved to be very versatile and more subtle than a number of other vodkas. NOTE: Use Noilly Prat a lemon twist (flamed - see recipes) and  keep the vermouth refrigerated after opening for the best taste.  

Final Thoughts: This vodka certainly qualifies as one of the most unusual I have reviewed in a while. Handmade as a labor of love,with difficult ingredients to work with, challenging equipment, and uncompromising standards. Cheaper than a bottle of comparable champagne, lasts much longer, in a beautiful presentation. A stunning achievement in vodka.

Bottle: Cylindrical clear glass bottle with with lightly rounded shoulder leading to a longish neck. Cork type stopper (synthetic so as not to cause floaters or cork taint - also seals better) design of three concentric squares with squared off shoulder. Striped paper strip at top, silk screened labels directly on glass. Hand applied paper roses make for a beautiful and distinctive 3 D effect. A beautiful bottle if you are looking for a gift. The clear glass and minimal labeling show the purity of the vodka well.

Web site:  

Fast loading,  attractive graphics if a bit challenging at first - one of the more unique pages I have encountered in a while.




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