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Vodka - Mako


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Mako Vodka
Take Little Bites LLC., Lake Alfred Florida (24' 27.140 N 081'51.690'W )
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: American, Grain

PRICE: $13.99 - 750 M
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: This vodka is produced in Lake Alfred, Florida, and is made with purified water, triple distilled and charcoal filtered.

10% of their profits go to preserving coral reefs and wetlands- so you not only can have a great time but help the environment without getting that tuxedo dirty.

Appearance: Crystal clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling it leaves a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass with uniform legsIt sits in the glass and almost shines at you.

First Impression: Alcohol and grain, almost a pecan flavor or similar nut. No trace of off notes. Well done distillation.

Taste: Quicksilver slide past the tongue and a wonderful warm finish. Slightly oily body but not too heavy-this was not doped up with sugar, glycerin, or vanilla like a lot of others. A very clean vodka!  

Drinks: Chilling it down increases the thickness and makes this far too easy for drinking it straight. The martini was wonderful (use a twist not an olive too complement its delicacy).

NOTE: Use Noilly Prat and  keep the vermouth refrigerated after opening for the best taste.   

Final Thoughts: One of the best vodkas for the money. A premium vodka with a price that is not premium for once. Don't be fashion victim -Save a Goose and some money. Well done, Michael!

Bottle:Clear glass bottle with rounded shoulders, with a large Mako shark silk screened on it with a small drawing of a coral above. Simple tasteful silk screened statement on the back and a drawing of a coral reef at the bottom. Ocean blue neck foil finishes off a simple striking package.





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