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Vodka - Crater Lake Hand Crafted American


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Crater Lake Hand Crafted American Vodka
Bendistillery, Bend, Oregon

PROOF: 80 (40%)
AGE: Not applicable
TYPE: Vodka - American - Corn

PRICE: $ 25.00 750ML


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: This is one of a number of excellent products from Bendistillery. They filter their vodka (which is also the base for their gin) 10 times through
charcoal and lava rock, then age it slightly in oak.

Appearance: Clear as glass, body is heavier than water but not excessively
so. Some formation of legs on the glass but not a lot - this is a good sign
in vodka (as oppossed to some other spirits) as this shows that glycerine
is not used to thicken it, or reduce off tastes and aromas (as caramel is
used in some whisky).

First Impression: Very little scent at all. Again, in vodka this can be a
good thing. The lack of smell, especially at room temperature, says that this
is a very well distilled vodka - there are no off notes or that rubbing
alcohol smell you get from a bad or sloppy distillation.

A exceedingly clean spirit. Some sweet smell - no doubt the influence of the corn. Although I believe you can see the influence of the aging in oak by the lack of sweetness that is characteristic in other corn vodkas such as Rain. Whether
this as a plus or minus is largely a matter of personal  taste.

Taste: Extremely smooth - it just glides down the throat, silky, warming at
the end. A somewhat mineral-water taste to it, hard to place what it
exactly is, but it adds to the charm and intrigue trying to figure it out.

Drinks: Works well in a martini and just about every other drink we tried.

Final Thoughts: One of the best new American vodkas - much cleaner than Grey Goose.

Bottle: Tastefully understated frosted bottle with pastel printing, but
somehow easy-to-spot on the shelf despite this.


Straightforward design, fast loading but lots of information. Well laid out, no annoying flash presentation or intros. Just solid design and well-thought-out content. Nice drinks recipes section!



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