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Tequila Blanco- Siembra Azul


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Siembra Azul BlancoTequila
Importer: Suro International Importers, Inc.
Made from 100% Agave

PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Fresh from the Still
TYPE: Silver (Blanco, Joven, Plata)
PRICE: $32.00 - 750 ML     

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: Siembra Azul (Blue Harvest). This tequila is produced in the highlands of Jalisco, in the town Arandas, the heart of tequila country. This tequila is one of the cheapest (in price) in the premium category of Blanco Tequila but has a number of unique (and costly) points that differentiate it from the competition. First is the use of far older more mature agave (12 years) than others use (mostly 6 -8 year olds) and using 25.4 pounds of Blue Agave per bottle rather than the industry average of 16.5 pounds grown at over 8000 ft above sea level in the highlands of the area. Siembra Azul also uses a proprietary yeast normally reserved for French Champagne.

During the fermentation of the agave they play Vivaldi and Mozart the sound waves of which to have a salutary effect on the yeast (micro vibration/agitation ?) whatever it does one cannot argue with the results. They also use the traditional Hornas clay ovens carefully cleaning the ovens between each roasting to remove the waxy residue rather than once a week which is the low end standard.

Some of their rivals also use live steam or huge steel ovens that look more like lumber drying kilns. The steel ovens don't yield the same results. Double distillation in new copper pot stills (the final being a hybrid bottom copper top stainless) finely tuned to minimize backwash/impurities and using only the center cuts.

This is the youngest expression of this particular line. The others being Siembra Azul Reposado, and Siembra Azul Anejo.

Appearance: Crystal clear like spring water or clear sap, lovely body. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass which then seems to almost evaporate off the side.

First Impression: Lemon Balm, dry earth, brine, traces of allspice, ginger (faintly), olive brine.

Taste: Sweet but dry start with spicy notes, then citrus notes tobacco and brine. Dry smooth finish with pepper, tobacco, and alkali notes. A very bright, spritely and assertive, tequila.

Drinks: Very flavorful margaritas and Tequila Sunrises, more assertive than my other favorite Don Julio, this is a positive when mixing with juices or other ingredients that would overwhelm some tequilas. Be sure to use fresh juice and Grand Marnier- anything less would be an insult to the tequila and a waste.

Cigars: A good mild cigar Davidoff or Macanudo- natural wrapper.

Final Thoughts: While not as smooth overall as Don Julio, this can be seen as a positive for mixing (see above) and also it depends on what you are looking for in a blanco. Don Julio is extremely smooth, a little too smooth for some, while this tequila has a lively, bright character, with more bite.In short a wonderful delicious tequila with plenty of life and attitude. Another example where quality ingredients, attention to detail, and uncompromising standards yield a superior product. Highly recommended and an outstanding value for the money. As a side bar this tequila is also Kosher - not sure how many can say that.

Bottle: Tall cylindrical glass bottle with simple but striking silk screened graphics make it easy to find in the crowded shelf among the recycled glass bottles others use. Airtight screw cap keeps the tequila from oxidizing and keeps it at its peak. While cork closures are pretty, they can let in air over time and tequila is sensitive to oxidation. Siembra Azul takes no chances for the sake of aesthetics.

Web site: http://www.siembraazul.com

A very clean looking site which once you get used to the navigation is quite detailed with information and great pictures. Well done visually and lays out information well


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