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Rum - Appleton Estate VX
J.Wray and Nephew Ltd.


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Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum VX
J. Wray and Nephew Ltd. (St. Elizabeth, Jamaica)
Proof: 80
Age: 5-10 Years (Blend)
Price: $19.00



Distilled on the estate in copper pot stills (of a shape/design particular to Jamaica), then aged in oak casks till needed.This rum is hand blended from a range of ages( 5-10 years) to achieve the color and taste profile. See our review of Appleton Extra.

Appearance: Tawny amber color- the color of the lightest grade A maple syrup - clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Long legs develop on swirling.

First Impression: Redolent floral bouquet, caramelized molasses, spicy nutmeg odors mixed with oak and a whiff of char. Buttery, spicy notes .

Taste: Complex entry - dry nut like note mixed with sweet notes of molasses and a touch of sulfer. Nutty dryish finish- medium long.

Drinks: Nice for a Daiquiri or El Presidente. Good choice for a non white rum but don't want to use a heavy dark or something with too much subtlety. Certainly cheap enough to use for whatever you want everyday.

Cigars: An Ashton or Credo would be a nice match.

Final Thoughts: A decent, solid rum. Good choice if you are starting to explore better rums than what you are getting in those umbrella drinks at the local pseudo Tiki Bar. Excellent choice for a around the house casual rum.

Bottle/Packaging: All of Appletons better rums come in the same slightly pinch waisted bottle with a recessed paper medallion- vaguely similar to a brandy bottle especially Portuguese brandy bottles. The labels, neck collars and medallions are of course different. In the case of the VX bottles the color is red.

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