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Mixer/Flavoring - Partida Organic Agave Nectar


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Partida Organic Agave Nectar
: Partida Tequila, New Port Beach, California

Ingredient: Organic Agave Nectar
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Flavoring

PRICE: $3.00 11.6 oz (329 ML)

: This is a 100 % Blue Agave organic nectar (which is essential for a Partida Margarita) imported from Mexico.This is a very special product with a unique taste. It is a lot healthier than many other sweeteners in many aspects (1/10 th the Glycemic value of sugar and 60 calories per teaspoon) and actually tastes good.

Appearance: The same golden color as a extra light amber Maple Syrup (usually first run and unavailable unless you know someone) - a pale golden color. Dissolves/mixes well with minimum of stirring.

First Impression: Sugar sweetness overlaid with grassy notes, to it ,similar to honey in some respects

Taste: Resembles a kind of watery honey with more vanilla/sap like notes.

Drinks: Works wonderfully - not sticky or cloying like corn syrup - much more depth than simple syrup in the drinks we tried. But lacks the punch or weight of a sugar cane syrup. Great for cooking also.

Final Thoughts: A very versatile product for sweetening drinks, alcoholic and otherwise - such as coffee, food, or a person with a minimum of sugar-related problems. Good taste, easy-to-use.

An excellent value for the money. A well made and must have product that is a great addition to anyone's bar who is at all serious about cocktails (especially Margaritas) and is looking for a sweetener with less impact taste (in a negative sense of the word) and health-wise than many of the commercial sweeteners out there.

Bottle: A somewhat generic looking clear plastic squeeze bottle with a black label and orange gold lettering.





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