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Mixer / Flavoring - Fever Tree Club Soda


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Fever Tree Club Soda
Fever Tree, Surrey, United Kingdom
Importer: Brands of Britain, San Ramon, California

INGREDIANTS: Natural spring water, bicarbonate of soda and nothing else
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Mixer or Flavoring

PRICE: $1.00 for 6.8 oz (200 ml)  bottle or $3.00 for 4 bottles

: This is straight up club soda. Boasts no artificial anything, or GMO Franken-food corn syrup or questionable preservatives. Had a chat with Tim Warrilow of Fever Tree at "Tales of the Cocktail" about all the products they male and it was quite illuminating. Someone who is as dedicated to mixers as some of the most dedicated distillers are to their products. A lot of thought, time and energy went into the making of these products and it shows.

Appearance: Nice fizz/carbonation to it. Carbonation hs small bubbles and holds on to them well - not like the cheap stuff that goes flat halfway through a drink.

First Impression: Bubbles tickle the nose a bit in a pleasant way. Doesn't have the slightly cloying smell others do. Smell like good soda water and no off smells or whiffs of chemicals.

Taste: Exceptionally clean, nicely mineral taste, but not overwhelmingly so.A nice balance between tasting and not tasting like something which is precisly what you want in a club soda.

Drinks: Like the other Fever Tree products, it works wonderfully for any drink clean,crisp and unobtrusive, it doesn't step on the other ingredients and lets them shine through. With a leaner brighter taste, less obtrusive, no stickiness in the aftertaste.

Final Thoughts: Very clean taste, natural. Wonderful stuff! Down side, a touch pricey compared to the generic home team stuff, but if you want quality - buy it. If you are using quality spirits it's a waste to use cheap mixer - particularly in a drink that doesn't have a lot else in it (no fruit juices, liquors, etc.). You wouldn't use chlorinated tap water, so why use cloying dulling mixers?

Bottle: Generic clear glass, 200 ml size which is damn nigh perfect one drink size (no waste). Relatively plain but nicely done labels. Print is impossible for anyone over thirty to read.


Well laid out and informative pages on why this stuff tastes so good.




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