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Mezcal Reposado - Don Juan Escobar


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Don Juan Escobar Reposado Mezcal
Caballeros Incorporated, Importer
100% agave, con gusano (with the worm)

PROOF:  80 (40%) 
AGE: 6 months
TYPE: Reposado (Rested)
PRICE: $32.00 - 750 ML


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Notes: This mezcal is produced in Oaxaca, the traditional area in Mexico for mezcal. This is the youngest expression of this particular mezcal line - all of which are single barrel bottlings of 100% agave. They also import numerous other mezcals that we will be reviewing (see our reviews of the Scorpion Silver, Scorpion Anejo One Star, Scorpion Anejo Three Star, Tehuana Anejo, Tehuana Silver, Embajador Anejo, and Embajador Silver).

Appearance:  Light yellow color.  On swirling, it leaves a very light coating with some legs on the glass - slightly viscous in appearance.

First Impression: Smoke, wood, citrus, leather and tobacco notes. More understated than some of the other mezcals I have tried recently.

Taste: Smoke, salt and heather, lime and minerals on the long finish. Similar to a really good sobranie cigarette. If this was a scotch, it would be a Highland or maybe a Speyside. Long finish, but doesn't coat the tongue and keep bothering you like some- a gentlemanly mezcal.

Drinks: Despite our best efforts I found only one mezcal cocktail (in Gary and Mardee Regan's New Classic Cocktails). This mezcal may play nice with other ingredients - smoky, but not overwhelming

Cigars: You don't need one.

: Simple square shaped lightly frosted glass bottle with rounded shoulders and edges.The frosting is thin enough to pick up the color of the mezcal rather than the glass itself. Two color screening makes for a simple but striking design and helps you keep a grip on a otherwise potentially slippery bottle. Oversized wood finial on the screwcap closure with a gold and green foil strip is a nice touch and makes it easy to open. I was expecting a cork but a good screw cap seals better.

No larvae or arachnids in it either unlike most others. just good Mezcal!

Final Thoughts: A subtle and interesting mezcal. While not as dramatic as some, it has a understated elegance to it. Definitely worth a try.


Fast loading with a display of all the Mezcals they import (more than twelve!).
Basic information and pictures of each one, with reviews and ratings by different people and organizations. Rather basic, but functional. They spent the money on what is inside the bottle, and not slick web page programming.




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