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Liqueur- Pama Pomegranate
Pama Spirits


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PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
Pama Spirits, Bardstown, KY
PROOF: 34 (17%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Fruit - Pomegranate
PRICE: $22.00 750 ML


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Note: Like all the spirits I review this was tasted at room temperature for maximum taste and detection of any faults if any in a product. If you chill benzene cold enough you could drink that too (NOT RECOMMENDED!), which is why I try them at room temperature.

I have to say it was hard to approach this liqueur at first after a series tastings of other (at least so called) pomegranate products unlike many of the cheaper knock off liqueurs which use synthetic ingredients, colorants and chemicals this one actually use a recognizable form of pomegranate and colored with elderberry and grape skin extracts

More concentrated in flavor than the above, with a strong fruity taste. Used extensively as an aperitif or just a nice drink to have after (or before- depending) a hard day when mixed with wine or Champagne (see below).

A useful ingredient in a cocktail when seeking color, something with balanced sweet and tart notes, and fruit without resorting to a insipid liqueur in some unnatural fluorescent color.

First Impression: Deeply aromatic berry notes with crisp but round alcohol notes. Sweet and and tart with slight grape, savory and mineral notes around the edges. Berrys, currants, dried tamarind, fruit and dark fruit notes with a nice tartness to them.

Appearance: Very attractive berry and magenta color, pristine in appearance. On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass with long legs developing.

Taste: Thick body and entry to it but thankfully not too sugary, taste is very true to the pomegranate it is named for which is a welcome relief after sampling any number of pomegranate abortions that their competition has fielded.The elderberry and grape skin extracts used to color the liqueur also play a role in rounding out the sweetness, tartness and depth of this product.

Drinks: A very approachable liqueur from a mixing standpoint.Nice balance of flavors and not overly sweet. Could be used for a drier (and easier to find ) substitute for Cassis. The drink for Cassis (as in the most well-known) is Kir, or Kir Royale (usually 1/2 ounce of Cassis to 3 ounces of chilled dry white wine or 1:6 ratio or in the case of the Kir Royale, use Champagne), or to replace cranberry juice in a drink such as the Cosmopolitan It is a great way to add a lot of flavor to something with a minimum of alcohol. Also check out my recipe section for the Stockholm Syndrome Martini - just substitute the PAMA for the Lingonberry syrup and water.

Bottle: Tall square-sided rectangular bottle rounded edges to it and decanter heavy bottom) with a graphic of a pomegranate tree silk screened onto the glass. Neck foil/cap is dark red with stamped silver lettering ("PAMA" and pomegranate drawing).

Final Thoughts: Infinitely better than most of the other pomegranate products out there (most of which seem to taste and smell like either vomit and/or cough medicine).The first usable and drinkable pomegranate liqueur I can recommend to anyone. Will definitely play with this one for a while to see what we can come up with.

Also good in cooking-sauces, glazes, or on ice cream. Try it in your mineral water for the for a adult alternative to soda (in Sweden this would be called "Safft" using lingonberry syrup).

Website: http://www.pamaliqueur.com/index.html?Section=



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