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Liqueur - Navan
House of Grand Marnier


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Navan Liqueur
House of Grand Marnier, Neauphle le Chateau
Importer: Marmier-LaPostolle Co., New York, New York
Ingredients: Cognac, Madagascar vanilla
PROOF: 80 (40% )
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Liqueur

PRICE: $39.00 750 ML 


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Notes: This is a liqueur made from the blending of cognac and vanilla beans from Madagascar.

AppearanceClear bright orange/yellow, on swirling, it leaves a thick clear coat on the inside of the glass and shows some legs. However, it is well blended in that the essential oils do not separate from the alcohol base- a difficult trick to accomplish.

First Impression:Thick, oily almost syrup like entry.  Intense heavy bouquet of cognac wrapping around the vanilla.

TasteCoats the tongue with the flavor of vanilla, sugar, glycerin (?). The body is almost syrup (maple or cough)-like as it slides down the throat, some burn at the back of the throat with a cloying aftertaste.

DrinksNot a lot has been developed for it. Lacks some of the complexity of Grand Marnier.

Final Thoughts: Expensive for what it is. Limited drinks recipes don't help either. Might be useful as a dessert flavoring - or alternatively something to put on those pancakes for your new houseguest the morning after. Probably be safe for celiacs or others looking for a wheat free product. While we generally like Grand Marnier products we can't get excited about this one.

Bottle: Clear glass bell shaped with rounded shoulders with a octoganal sided neck terminating in a silver colored neck foil and screw cap.Combination of applied labels and silkscreening.

Web site:: http://www.navanworld.com

 Still under construction!

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