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Liqueur- Becherovka
Niche Wine and Spirit Importers


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Imported by Niche Wine and Spirit, Cedar Knolls , New Jersey

PROOF: 76 (38%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Herbal (Czech Republic)
PRICE: $25-30 750ML


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Note: Like all the spirits I review this was tasted at room temperature for maximum taste and detection of any faults if any in a product. If you chill benzene cold enough you could drink that too (NOT RECOMMENDED !), which is why I try them at room temperature.

First Impression: Heavy scents of menthol, cloves, and ginger.

Appearance: Pleasing light-yellow color like a young whiskey, on swirling leaves a even coat on the glass with a fair amount of legs developing.

Taste: Menthol, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, cardamon, bear root, gentian, a dizzying array or parade of flavors, one on top of the other vying for attention. A long-tingling aftertaste with mild alcohol presence.

Drinks: We found all of their proprietary recipes to be excellent. Makes a very nice (and better frankly) substitute for Jaegermeister for the many recipes created for it.

Bottle: Dark green flask style bottle of pressed glass, with simple retro looking blue and yellow label and dark blue neck seal.

Other: Made in Carlsbad (or Karlovy Vary), Czech Republic since 1805. While drinks fo this type were very common at one point, especially in Europe, very few are imported into the United States. A good example of a old style herbal liqeuer that is still good today.

Final Thoughts: The original classic herbal liqueur of its kind, much more subtle (if I can use the word for such liqueur) than its much more advertised cousin Jaegermeister.

Website: http://www.becher.cz/en/

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