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Gin - Whitley Neill Gin
Whitley Neill LTD, London, England


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Whitley Neill Gin
Importer: Whitley Neill USA, Hollywood, Florida
PROOF: 84 (42%)
TYPE:London Dry (more or less)
AGE: Not applicable
PRICE: $30.00 - 750ML

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Only gin the we know of that uses Baobab Tree fruit and Cape Gooseberries along with the usual ingredients for a London Dry Style Gin. Made in a small copper pot still in small batches they blend Baobab fruit skins and seeds for a lot of citrus punch and lots of Vitamin C (something to take those vitamin pills with !)

Appearance: Crystal clear, thick, scalloped edges develop on swirling, changing to droplets on the side of the glass. Slightly oily / thickness to body (sign of quality and lots of flavor).

First Impression: Very citrusy, with a lot of spice. Juniper is not the first and defining characteristic unlike many London Dry gins. Lots of floral notes, more honeysuckle than juniper. Fair amount of light sweet citrus, orange peel, with cassia and orris root lingering around the edges.

Taste: Medium body played off by the blending of the floral and spicy for a very silky mouthfeel. Pleasantly heavy mouthfeel with a spice and citrus entry with floral and pepper notes. Mild tingling on the lips and tongue with floral and spice finish lingering nicely. Very clean distillation and wonderful blending.

Drinks: Makes a excellent martini-especially for those people who are not a fan of juniper.The spice and citrus make a martini that is complex and multilayered. Outstanding gin and tonic. The Aviation ( one of my standard testing drinks) : 4 parts gin, 1 part fresh lemon juice, 1 part maraschino liqueur (dry). It even makes a interesting, if slightly sacrilegious, Lassi.

Bottle: Clear glass, not frosted,colored or in any other way obscuring the contents. Bell Jar shaped with gold neck wrap and cork With a simple rectangular paper label on front and a plastic label on back that has a baobab tree designand a clear view of the important stuff, the gin.

Other: Five percent of all profits go to Tree Aid in Africa to grow more trees and help local people. So when people ask you what charity you donate to you can point to your martini - and maybe the bartender too.

Final Thoughts: A very interesting departure from the usual. Highly reccomended for a new gin addition to your bar.


Website has some useful information but a bit terse compared to some. More pictures and a expanded history would be useful.



Overall rating:

Grey Olive

Value/price rating:

Green OliveGrey Olive