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Overall rating:

Gin - Roggen 15
VanWees, Amsterdam,



Van Wees Jenever (Gin) Roggenaer 15 jarr op fust gelagerd (Rye Jenever aged in Wood for 15 years)

Bottle 13 of 382; Distilled 1988

Eau de vie van rogge (Distillation of Wheat )
Distillearderij A. v.Wees De Ooievaar Anno 1752
(Distillery A. van Wees founded in 1752)


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First Impression: Rye on first whiff, then grain alcohol also, upon warming in my hand. . .

Taste: Spicy notes, vanilla, lemon and citrus (Bhudda's Hand). Nutty and buttery in the mouth; lasts with a warming, if slight burn afterwards. Remarkably smooth for 80 prooof. A light woodiness - the lightness and delicacy after 15 years is amazing.

Appearance: Slightly yellow color like a very young single malt, but extremely subtle taste compared to one. Almost the color of a very pale straw.

Drinks: While you can make interesting variations of the standard martini and other drinks, it seems to be a waste to me - this Jenever is best enjoyed on its own!

Final thoughts: An all-together too-easy-to-drink dram. Have a second glass to continue examining this wonderful product!


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