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Canadian Whisky - Canadian Mist


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Canadian Mist
Canadian Mist Distillers - (Collingwood, Ontario)
Grain - Malted rye, corn, barley
PROOF: 80 (40%)
AGE: 3 Years
TYPE: Blend

PRICE: $ 20 .00- 750 ML 


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Notes: One of the newer Canadian whiskys to come on the market (relatively speaking anyway). Made for people who are transitioning from clear to brown drinks.

Appearance: Amber gold color, very clear. Thin edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whisky on swirling.

First Impression: Fruit, sherry, vanilla and caramel notes on nosing.

Taste: Rye, sweet/sour taste, spicy with some sherry sweetness to it. Rye, corn, and oak for the most part some touch of vanilla and caramel at the end. Finish is sweet and a touch hot.

Drinks: Most people drink this on the rocks, it smooths it right out.

Cigars: No, maybe a Rothmans cigarette.

Final Thoughts: More body and taste than some of the more well known Canadian whiskies out there. A good starter whisky for the vodka crowd.

Bottle: The bottle is clear glass - which is a break from tradition for a Canadian Whisky - most of them were (and still are) brown or in rare cases, green glass to avoid showing the color of the whisky. Silk screened script in front, blue and gold logo (reminds me of Rothmans again) blue foil neck wrap.

Easy to find among the other Canadians. There is a large variety of sizes for this brand including plastic for traveling or knocking about somewhere.

Web site: http://www.canadianmist.com

Fast loading after getting past the annoying date-of-birth screen. Good information and graphics on distilling, some basic recipes otherwise a bit sparse.






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