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Czech Absinth - A WARNING!

In response to many requests we are starting a special Czech Absinth section which covers the Czech style of Absinth - which is different from the French or Swiss styles in composition, general makeup, and taste.

It is a much less complex product that probably probably would be better classified as a herbal bitter than a traditional absinthe. Created to fill the gap for French and Swiss Absinthe production, Czech Absinth was created in the early 1990's along with the bogus Absinth Fire Ritual. Czech absinth contains little of no anise so it does not louche, it also contains much fewer other herbs and in many cases consists of little more than grain alcohol and wormwood. Since it is not cleared for import to the United States one must be careful as the purity or safety of some producers products - one major producer of grain alcohol for spirits was shut down recently- (see article here).

Czech Absinth importation is ILLEGAL in the United States and so is sale. Possession is not.
WE DO NOT SELL, or IMPORT/EXPORT ABSINTH FOR SALE (or any other spirits). Yes, we can maybe point you to a seller (through our links and page recommendations) but we do not get personally involved nor do we advocate breaking any laws.

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