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Absinthe - A WARNING!

In response to many requests we are starting a special Absinthe (Absinth, as you will)
section which covers both Absinthe itself, and the many accoutrements, accessories, tools and toys that seem an integral part of Absinthe culture. Portions/reviews of/from the/this section will also appear under the regular review sections for spirits and barware separately also for easy reference under their respective categories.

Absinthe importation is ILLEGAL in the United States and so is sale. Possession is not.
WE DO NOT SELL, or IMPORT/EXPORT ABSINTHE FOR SALE (or any other spirits). Yes, we can maybe point you to a seller (through our links and page recommendations) but we do not get personally involved nor do we advocate breaking any laws.

We spent a considerable amount of research in Europe and brought back only our notes-(O.K. some antique spoons and glasses too- but they were declared and legal). The fountains, glassware, spoons, etc., we used are available in Europe from / or in New Orleans, Louisiana for U.S. buyers (no luggage/breakage or security hassles).

We are indebted to a number of people for their help in our research and their hospitality. This did not in any way influence our reviews regarding any products, but did influence whether we thought they had good customer service or people you could deal with.

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