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Links to other sites about Photography and Cameras

Many of these are related to a project on bagcheck and a article for Laughing Squid on cameras that look like guns or vice versa.
Other parts are on my favorite camera maker Pentax (whose cameras I use a lot and love as they are rugged, take great pictures and great value for the money IMHO) and technical photography links

ACP - FS-12
Any experience on Photosniper Russian Tair-3 Phs 300mm f/4.5 -
Cameras that look just like Guns ! - SantaBanta Forums
Dangerous Cameras, Taking Point and Shoot To a New Level
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
The Golden Hour Calculator / Sunrise and Sunset information for photographers
Guns with the Camera on it… | TalkGirly
Historic and Antique Camera Collector Resource and home of the Historic Camera Collector Club
KEH Camera Blog: Machine gun camera
KEH Camera Blog: Online Catalog
Light Field camera | Lytro
MAKO Speargun (Rapid On/Off) Camera Mounting System (for wood guns and hybrids)
Nikon D200 on Steroids: Tactical Camera Long Range Assault Stock
Nikon | Imaging Products | NIKKOR Lenses Simulator
Online Depth of Field Calculator
Pentax Website
Pentax Global Website
The Pentax Marketplace | Sell Pentax | Photographic Equipment for Sale -
Photography Collection · George Eastman House
Prince’s Weapon Is a Camera-Gun
Seawood Photo, San Anselmo CA | | Classic Machine Gun Cameras
Sharing Evil Images of camera gun
Sharing Evil Images of camera gun page 27
SLR Camera Simulator | Simulates a digital SLR camera
Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera
Tactical Camera Long Range Assault Stock [TALCS]
Tommy Gun Camera - The Awesomer
Who Used This Camera-Equipped Colt 38? [Guns] | Gadget Police
Zenit PhotoSniper FS-122 Camera