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Wine - New York Finger Lakes


 Click for a larger picture of Heron Hill 2009 Riesling

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Heron Hill Riesling Vintage 2009
Heron Hill Winery, Hammondsport, New York

Alcohol : 12%
Residual Sugar: .93%
TYPE: Finger Lake Riesling

PRICE: $ 13.99 - 750 ML 

Notes: Produced by one of the larger and better regarded single vineyard family owned wineries in the finger lakes area who has been producing wine for over 40 years.

AppearanceLovely pale straw color, lovely bright appearance, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass

First Impression: Lovely, fresh, slightly floral and fruity with citrus notes.

Taste: Crisp, nice body and mouthfeel, nicely smooth with apple and tropical like and slightly mineral notes to it. Nicely acidic bones to it give it a nice structure. Flavor is reminiscent of ripe pawpaws.

Pairings: White meats, oriental foods, sea foods such as shrimp or raw seafood's such as oysters.

Bottle: Tall 750 bottle dark green bottle with graphics and text. Old school real cork closure (O. K., I'm a traditionalist ) also means it has can be aged (their suggestion is now to 2016) unlike the screwcap stuff.

Final Thoughts: A nicely done Alsatian type Riesling and a very nice example for the Finger Lakes Riesling and their potential. Nicely done and under appreciated by many wine people this wine shows what the Finger Lakes can produce. Appreciate one soon before they get harder to find a put a few away for some aging.

Website:: http://www.heronhill.com

Fast loading, a fair of information about winery and lots of wine information. Simple navigation, easy-to-readWell thought-out content and descriptions of products. Simple and to-the-point. Unlike many liquor websites you can order the wine directly from their website.




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