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Welsh Whisky Single Malt - Penderyn


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Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky
Penderyn Distillery, Wales

PROOF: 92 (46%)
AGE: Unknown
TYPE: Single Malt -Welsh , Madeira Finished
INGREDIANT: Grain - Barley Malt
PRICE: $70.00 750 ml


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Notes: The first distillery (the first legal one anyway) to open in Wales in over 100 years.They also produce Brecon Vodka, Brecon Gin, and Merlyn, a cream liqueur. Located in Penderyn, Wales near the Brecon Beacons Fforest Fawr National Forest.

North American spirits spell it with an "e" (whiskey), while those coming from the British Isles are without (whisky), except of course, Ireland.

A very interesting spirit distilled by either Gillian Howell (one of the few women whisky distillers around) or Master Distiller Dr. Jim Swan. Unlike most whiskies, it is distilled one cask at a time (a miniscule amount by industry standards).

The distillery uses a smaller pot still with a column designed by a descendant of Sir Michael Faraday to make its whisky and a variety of woods to age them in. In this case they use one of the most complex aging processes in the industry. It starts off in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon or Tennessee whiskey cask then is finished in a Madeira barriques cask.

Appearance: Very light pale straw color, nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whisky on swirling with long legs and some droplets.

First Impression: Light-to-medium peat smoke, honey, leather, sherry malt/toffee, pepper, and oak.

Taste: Nice oily feel to the malt. Medium-weight mouth feel. Nice layers of Madeira and bourbon influence- a touch of sweetness, then malt, leather and fruit. Nice malty body. Finish is buttery nuts, oak, fruits,vanilla, spice, a little pepper.

Drinks: Personally, I like it straight or with a little water to open it up.Use a decent spirits glass (Riedel or better yet Celtic Malts Spirits Glass) glass to fully appreciate it. Please only use in a cocktail that is subtle and well proportioned- you wouldn't want to lose the layers of taste this whisky has.

Cigars: Yes, but something light - try a Natural Wrapper or Connecticut Shade Ashton maybe?

Final Thoughts: I really like this whisky as a interesting whisky style. Almost a hybrid of Irish whiskey and Scotch single malt. While I find this whisky quite charming, however, the price is a bit steep. Yes, it is hand-made so therefore more pricey than the soulless mass produced stuff but my personal suggestion is to try it at a bar, or better yet get a miniature of it and try it yourself before committing to full size bottle. Considering what most Scotch goes for, it is not too much of a leap.

Bottle: Tall clear glass bottle with rounded shoulder an and black and gold neckband. Silk screened graphics and a discrete label band. Comes in a skeletonized presentation box with black and gold color scheme. Real cork closure.

Web site:

Website has detailed history, background and pictures of the distillery.




Overall rating:

Grey Olive

Value/price rating:

Grey Olive