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Tennessee Whisk(e)y - George Dickel No. 12
George Dickel & Co.


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George Dickel No. 12
George Dickel & Co. (Cascade Hollow, Tullahoma, Tennessee)
Grain - Corn (at least 84%%), Rye (8%), Barley (8%)

PROOF: 90 (45%) 
AGE: 10 Years +
TYPE: Straight, Sour Mash

PRICE: $20.00 750 ML 


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Notes: The other Tennessee Whisky- (there are only two to begin with and Jack Daniels is the other).This distillery is much smaller and produces smaller batchs of older whisky (on average) than its competitor. It is double-distilled first in a column still then a pot still, then aged in new charred oak barrels. In their charcoal mellowing they first chill their whisky which leads to filtering out heavier elements missed by others.

This whisky also uses a higher proportion of corn than most bourbon, proprietary yeast strains and single story warehouses -all of which contribute to the uniqueness of the whisky. This is a straight (unblended) sour mash bourbon. Now part of the Diageo portfolio it is gaining more traction and presence in the market.

Appearance: Dark copper in the bottle,bronze gold in the glass.

First Impression: Heavy corn presence, vanilla, oak grain influence amidst ginger, char/oak. Interesting lack of phenols and other "off" smells you get with some grain distillates.

Taste: Slightly oily medium body, slightly astringent, nice interplay of maple sweetness and oak pepper. Almost chewy body to it. Spicy, aromatic, grainy/malty medium-to-long dry finish.

Drinks: Interesting variant for any bourbon or rye drink. Cheaper, too!

Final Thoughts: Some may consider it a bit light in body or find the dryness not to their liking. It is a good bargain for someone seeking a better whiskey for $20 or less. A good bit older and more drinkable than most in that price range. Also as noted above, it is a great substitute in a bourbon cocktail as many of the bourbons commercially available in its price range are young, raw, and give you a nasty hangover. If you want to think for yourself, buck the trend and drink a different Tennessee Whisky (for less money too) try this one.

Bottle: Basic clear glass, slightly bell shaped thin neck with faceted neck. Name of whiskey (and type) is pressed into the glass. Old-style script is printed on the parchment colored label. Simple layout and fonts give it a antique feel. Real cork closure gives it a both authentic and upscale feel -more than can be said about its competitors screw caps in that price range.

Website: http://www.dickel.com

Lots of details and pictures with a comprehensive history and background. Lots of merchandise including such things as scented candles (?!)






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