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Vodka - Moon Mountain
Lawrenceberg, Indiana


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Moon Mountain Vodka

Moon Mountain Vodka, LTD Norwalk, Conn (read Diageo)
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: American Grain

PRICE: $20.00 750 ML 


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: This vodka is produced in somewhere in the midwest by an unspecified distillery in a "traditional copper pot still" - a statement that is impossible. Vodka cannot be made in a traditional copper pot still - you cannot get it to the legally required high proof (190) the best traditional alembics pot stills can do is 130-160 proof max. They also state the vodka is made from organic grain- which is possible certainly. Small batch - no legal definition exists for that.

Appearance: Faultlessly clear, on swirling, it leaves a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass which then transforms fairly quickly slowly into legs and droplets.

First Impression: Somewhat sweet grain smell, relatively smooth bouquet

TasteSlightly sweet medium bodied for a vodka and little burn. Fairly smooth and inoffensive for what it is.

Drinks: A decent vodka for a budget brand in most mixed drinks. 

Bottle: Very simple clear glass bottle that mimics a  water carafe or artillery shell. Impressed at shoulder with somewhat dubious claims (see above).

Final Thoughts: Competes against Rain Vodka as a low cost organic vodka but not as good for the same money. However cheaper than many other organic vodkas on the market. Better than Skyy - which is about the same money and not organic - but that is not saying much.

Website: http://www.moonmountainvodka.com

A somewhat mediocre website without a lot of real or truthful content. Bit of a Potemkin Website. . .





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