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Flavored Vodka - Pucker Cherry Tease Vodka


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Pucker Cherry Tease Vodka
Jim Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Deerfield, Illinois
: Grain, Unknown Type (Probably Corn), Chemicals
PROOF: 70 (35%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Flavored

PRICE: $17.00 - 750 ML   


Notes: This is produced by Jim Beam along with several chemical analogs such as sour apple, grape, and orange.

Appearance: Suspiciously viscous thick body to it, clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin but tenacious clear coat on the inside of the glass, then suddenly turns into droplets.

First Impression: Cherry of course - but like the kind like you find in a cough drop or a jar of Maraschino Cherries (which by the way is not at all like Maraschino Liqueur- a dry, clear product ). More like a cherry pie filling from a can with chemical cinnamon and possibly fake vanilla added. On deeper inhalation you pick up hints of the alcohol cutting through the cherry.

Taste: Cherry, but more the kind you find in a cough syrup or cherry flavoring in those Lifesavers gummi candy - and that's being charitable. It is sweet and oily on the tongue. It coats the tongue with the cherry flavor which the alcohol then cuts through the centerline of the tongue. A very slight warming of alcohol as it goes down the throat, and leaves a persistent cherry taste like you just had a cough drop with a cinnamon and citric acid chaser. The plastic cherry taste clings to your mouth like grim death with a slight burn and the taste of some sort of plasticizer or latex. It also leaves a bitter chemical residue that makes you wince and pray for it to stop.

Drinks:  Waterboarding comes to mind.

Cigars: Only if you go in for those flavored cigars should you think about it.

Final Thoughts: Foul tasting, candified plastic cherries. I can't believe anyone of legal drinking age would touch this. It's not a vodka for adults, it's a vodka for kids raised on fake artificial candy - who may or may not have reached a chronological point where they are legal to drink this chemical abortion of a cherry vodka. This stuff bears as much resemblance to real cherries as Muzak does to jazz. A foul concoction that tastes like Gummi lifesavers dissolved in a rotgut grain alcohol that only the underage or brain damaged paint huffers could drink. I doubt if even Amy Winehouse ( if she was still alive) would  have drunk this if she had been stuck in a rehab with nothing else. Avoid.

Bottle: Tall cylindrical bottle like so many other vodkas these days- easily lost in the forest of vodkas at your local store.

Web site :

Seems suspiciously targeted to encourage over the top behavior and consumption for youth  - no time to hold back? playful and sassy? not to mention the line "plenty of time to tone it down when you are older" you mean like when you are old enough to legally drink? or just when you are old enough to drink something that doesn't taste like a fake candy ?



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