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Vodka Flavored - Dukes SweeT Raspberry Tea


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Dukes SweeT Raspberry Tea Flavored Vodka
Global Spirits Company, Auburndale, Florida

PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: American, Grain

PRICE: $12.99 - 750 ML 


Interesting formula for this vodka from what I understand Four times distilled and all natural - not a lot of other information on this vodka. According to my understanding of their literature it is a 1/3 each mix of raspberry tea,water and vodka to make a 80 proof product. Also caramel is added to the vodka for color (and side effect of sweetening).

Appearance: Tea colored, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass with very uniform scalloping that eventually looks like teardrops.

First Impression: Raspberry tea (think Snapple or similar) and alcohol.

Taste: Very sweet and almost syrupy raspberry ice tea with alcohol notes. Almost more like a liqueur than a vodka- too thick and syrup like. Almost borders on high proof cough syrup. If it wasn't soo thick and sweet we would give it much more of a chance.

Drinks: Maybe you could use it as a raspberry (tea) syrup in say a mojito - assuming you like using bottled extracts rather than fresh.

Bottle: Clear glass generic bottle. Simple paper labels. Not a lot to describe. Obviously didn't try to fool anyone with a fancy bottle.

Final Thoughts: If you like very sweet raspberry tea this one is for you. For me it tastes more like a candy type drink - not my style. As for a flavored vodka - it is better than a number of other flavored vodkas and premixes we have had - but we just can't get excited about it.

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