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Vodka Flavored - Alchemia Wisniowa
(Wild Cherry)


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Alchemia Wisniowa (Wild Cherry) Vodka
Distiller: Polmos Bialystock, SA Poland
: Panache USA, New York, New York
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Polish, Grain, Rye, Flavored

PRICE: $30.00 - 750 ML 


: Made with their rye vodka as a base and infused with ripe wild cherries from the Podlaskie region of Poland. As with their other flavored vodkas (Imbirowa/Ginger, Czekoladowa/Chocolate) they infuse and macerate their flavorings, rather than add extracts or chemicals to a grain alcohol base. As such, it is a standout from the alcopop flavored vodkas out there that taste more like a popsicle than a serious drink. This is made with real ingredients and nothing else. Maceration and infusion extracts the essence of the flavorings directly and so (in our opinion) gives a spirits more complexity and depth than the simple addition of a flavoring or essence.

Appearance: Very respectable tawny red clear, to it with no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a a thicker clear coat on the inside of the glass and almost seems a bit viscous. Scalloped edgeline then a few long thin legs. However, it is well blended in that the essential oils do not separate from the alcohol base, a difficult trick when dealing with real, fresh ingredients. Well done!

First Impression: Wonderful deep wild cherry smell with a slight sweetness and wood notes. Alcohol is very much in the background.

Taste: Sweet thick oily entry, the body of the vodka coats the tongue with the cherries and leaves you with the slightest of warming sensations (rather than burning). No chemical aftertaste or tang like you get from a lot of other flavored vodkas or that coating of flavor that clings like grim death that the others can leave. Authentic cherry taste - not some foul cough syrup or candy cherry chemical equivalents that many 'cherry' vodkas taste like.

Drinks: For any drink calling for cheery heering or liqueur this would be a natural choice. Excellent potential for mixology/cocktail ideas. Goes well with chocolate or a friend - or preferably both.

Bottle: Tall pyramidal clear glass bottle with large frosted "A" in front and inset depressions for handgrips on the sides Silver seal tape and screwcap. Has frosted "Wi2" in frosted square, almost like a box from a periodical table of the elements- perfectly apt for alchemy!

Final Thoughts: A stand-out for a cherry vodka. The category is plagued with chemical candy tasting crap so it is a real relief to see someone doing it right for a change. An outstanding value for the money - the price of some of the fashion victim flavored vodkas and infinitely better tasting! This is a cherry vodka with really outstanding and authentic flavor.


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