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Tequila Silver - Jose Cuervo Tradicional


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Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver
Casa Cuervo, S. A. de C. V., Mexico
: Heublein, Norwalk, CT

INGREDIANT: 100% Agave
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
AGE: Silver, Plata, Blanco
TYPE: Tequila Silver

PRICE: $ 25.00 - 750 ML 

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: Jose Cuervo- a name that evokes grim memories or memories of blackouts, hangovers of near terminal vileness, possibly jail, Cuervo has a lot of history to overcome for many people. The Tradicional series is one of their attempts at rehabilitation Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver is not aged but is made from 100% agave- which is unusual for this this price- most of the tequila you find at this price (and certainly below) is NOT 100% agave but blended tequila- the stuff that all those college tequila stories are made of. Other versions are the Reposado and Anejo.

Appearance: Clear, bright leaves a very thin even coat on swirling with some droplets forming.

First Impression: Bit of a shock even for Cuervo, fusel oils and assorted other bad distilling aroma notes.  Quite off-putting bouquet.

Taste: Some citrus, minerals and a touch of fruit. Somewhat inoffensive and uncomplicated. Not a sipper but a mixer.

Drinks: Margaritas of course, and Tequila Sunrises. Disappears without much of a trace or distraction. Better than the gold without the sweet sticky waxy flavor leaving less impact on the finished cocktail. I guess that's what they were shooting for - it's smooth enough that you can drink it until suddenly you can't feel your legs anymore - or think that everyone at the party are more interesting than you thought earlier. . .

Cigars: Fuente Curlyheads or maybe White Owls.

Final Thoughts: A rather disappointing tequila overall with nothing in particular to recommend it. Yes, it is better than the gold, but that is very faint praise. A rather simple, not to say boring almost vodka like expression of a tequila that really does nothing for me.

Bottle: Tallish cylindrical bottle with simple pressed glass designs of stylized designs and silver accented paper labels . Printed blue seal and bottle number on small strip label at bottom of bottle. Composite cork closure and clear plastic seal/neckwrap.

Web site:

Fast loading with lots of pages. Not a great deal of real amount of information about the tequilas but lots of pages about their numerous different products.



Overall rating:
Grey Olive
Grey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey Olive

Value/price rating:
Grey OliveGrey Olive
Grey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey Olive