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Sotol - Don Cuco Sotol Reposado
Elaboradora De Sotol S. de R.I.


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Sotol Don Cuco Reposado
Sold only in New Mexico, currently
Made from 100% Sotol

72 (36%) 
6 months
$39.00 - 750 ML 


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: This sotol is produced in Chihuahua, the traditional area for sotol. Sotol is the state drink of Chihuahua and has its own NOM ( the Mexican government version of appellation) The plant sotol, or dasylirion wheeler is found abundantly in Northern Mexico and also in the Southwest of the United States (mainly used for landscaping due to its little need for water). It takes about 5-7 years for a sotol plant to reach maturity and 1 plant yields roughly 1 bottle of sotol. So this will never be a really mass produced product or commonly available. They wildcraft the sotol and every part is used for something. The stalk is made into walking sticks and the kiote (fibers) can be woven into baskets.

Made in the traditional, artisanal manner unlike some of their competition. The entire process takes about 7-10 days depending on the weather and temperature as they first first must cook the pinãs in lave rock lined oven pits, crush them then slowly ferment them until they can be distilled.

Appearance: Clear as molten glass in the bottlebut unlike the Suave, a delicate but deep straw gold. On swirling it leaves a very light coating on the glass which belies its viscosity sitting in the glass it looks like a small puddle of liquid amber or nectar. It then leaves a constellation of large droplets on the side of the nosing glass. Quite a striking contrast to most clear spirits such as vodka.

First Impression: Lightly smoky, phenolic (iodine), some savory, salt,lime, citrus, green pepper, oak pepper and vanilla notes, with a slight promise of something sweet in the background.

Taste: Smoky in a strangely charming way with leather, tobacco, oak, alkali notes. Quite differe nt from a scotch or a mezcal, in that the smokiness is unique and the sotol has a certain slippery like aloe vera juice mouthfell mixed into all the other flavors and textures. Sweetish, earthy and savory notes with a green pepper vegetal taste and mouthfeel with lime, oak char, pipe tobacco citrus, and salt. All these with wisps of mesquite/creosote smoke notes, some roasted pepper notes intertwined with a touch of sweetness and something akin to aloe juice in taste give you a touch of fire, smoke and sweet/ice at the same time for a lingering , multilayered finish. Reminds me of a Russian Perstsovka (Pepper) vodka but far more subtle and complex. Leaves you with a lingering tastes of something smoky and slightly fibrous.

Drinks:I think however that there are some definite possibilities for substituting this for scotch or certainly mezcal in some cocktails to create a whole new family of cocktails, but there are also very unique flavors and mouthfeel that will make this an exciting new ingredient for mixologists. Multicolored paper label with line drawing portrait of the founder on a clear glass whiskey bottle shape with slightly bulbous neck. Black screwcap closure and neck wrap finish the package.

Cigars: A nice full-bodied cigar.

: Black with gold/bronze paper label with line drawing portrait of the founder on a clear glass whiskey bottle shape with slightly bulbous neck. Black screwcap closure and neck wrap finish the package.

Final Thoughts: A very subtle spirit with lots of complexity and layers of flavor
Nicely done and a pleasure to drink.


Fast loading with a display of all the Sotol products they make. Basic information and pictures of each one, Rather basic, but functional. They spent the money on what is inside the bottle, and not slick web page programming.




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