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TY KU Sake - Forest Grove, Oregon


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TY KU Sake, Forest Grove, Oregon
Importer: None
PROOF: 30(15%)
TYPE: Junmai Ginjo
PRICE: $29.99 750 ml



Note: Sake is a fiendishly difficult product to produce requiring much skill, effort, premium ingredients and time. TY KU is designated "Junmai Ginjo," one of the highest grades of sake (less than 10% of all sake ) and uses all natural ingredients.

Appearance: Clear, bright as a diamond. On swirling, leaves a very thin coat on the glass with scalloping then a quick dissolve into star like droplets.

First Impression:
Floral, frangrant, everything nice - no off notes.

Taste: Very delicate, pear or lychee type notes.Very mild, slightly fruity with some spice to it. Much more understated and delicate compared to most commercial sakes. Will ruin you for the stuff they sell at your local sushi parlor.

Drinks: As they say on the bottle - no need to heat. Many people think you need to heat sake-this is no longer a guideline. Many inferior sakes are improved by heating (paradoxically from other alcohols where colder the better works for the cheap stuff). TY KU and many other quality sakes are either served at room temperature or chilled (slightly- this is not something to put in the freezer).

Bottle: Black upward sloping triangular in shape with a flat matte finish. TY KU logo, the word sake, and Kanji symbol for Sake in dark red and TY KU in White. False cap comes off to reveal stopper with synthetic cork (better seal that way). Rather tight fitting cork so be prepared. Attractive and distinctive package overall.

Final Thoughts: A very nicely done and approachable sake. Only downside is it is a little pricey- but if you do a price comparison (see Cocktail Math) you are paying about 50 cents more a drink or less over what you would pay for a mass produced imitation of inferior quality. Personally, I think that is a small price to pay for a quality sake!

Website: http://www.trytyku.com

Somewhat minimal information and photos on some points. In other areas, more information than necessary.

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