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Rum - Prichard's Fine Rum
Prichard's Distillery


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Prichard's Fine Rum 80 Proof
Prichard's Distillery, Kelso, Tennessee USA

Appearance: Beautiful amber color - clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. The color belies its age - (its the Lolita of rum) - looks older and more seductive than its chronological age - at least  twice and in some respects three times as old as its age of about 3 years. This is due in part to the use of 15 gallon casks rather than the industry standard of 52 gallons, so there is much more rum-to-char contact, not just 3-1 as you would think.

First Impression: Limestone, pepper and char - warm, dark, spice; peat, vanilla and a whiff of something like bananas - a really atypical but wonderful bouquet.

Taste: Almost like a Islay single malt whisky, without as much peat or iodine but with a touch of molasses sweetness at the end (and what a long and delicious one at that). Lemongrass and a little mace (no NOT that kind, I mean the nut type) on warming, notes of Chinese fennel perhaps, traces of honey, ghee (Indian clarified butter) - dry and sweet at the same time, perhaps even a hint of cardamon.

Final Thoughts: This rum would be a great addition to a malt lovers cabinet - much more complexity and malt type notes than your average rum. I can easily see why a certain whiskey expert  shamelessly raved about it at first (and more) tasting (s) at a rum festival. An extremely complex rum that can't be easily categorized- in a class by its own.

Bottle/Packaging: Both bottles used by Mr. Prichard are very nice clear glass bottles with easy to read labels and tasteful labeling. Conveys a sense of understated value and taste.

Website: http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/pages/home.html  

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