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Rum Flavored - Malibu Island Melon Flavor


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Malibu Island Melon Flavor
Pernod Ricard, USA, Purchase, New York

: Molasses
PROOF: 42 (21%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Flavored, Coconut, Melon

PRICE: $10.00 - 750 ML 



: This rum is produced in Canada and a new line extension of the Malibu flavored rum line. Most noted for its sweet coconut line, Malibu is one of the dominant brands of flavored rum.

Appearance: Clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin, but tenacious clear coat on the inside of the glass, which then rapidly slides right back to the bottom leaving a few small droplets behind.

First Impression: Smells like a pina colada (air freshener) - with over amped , downright aggressive aromatic coconut and melon scents. Almost no hints of alcohol.

Taste: Sweet sap-like entry, much more a liqueur than a real rum. Far too sweet for my personal taste. Tastes more like a kids fruit juice cut with syrup or glycerin.

DrinksCheck their web site for more ideas.

Cigars: Too sweet to have a cigar with unless this was in a mixed drink.

Final Thoughts: Not many. Very low proof rum that is almost a RTD in itself, or some other form of alcopop for the "younger" set. Good for one of those umbrella drinks or something involving a blender maybe. Could also be a alternative for Galliano or Midori in some drinks. Given the proof you are paying a lot. Buy a real bottle of rum and flavor it yourself - it's called a cocktail.

Bottle:Clear glass bottle shrink wrapped in white plastic and green swirl assents on neck. Black screwcap closure with green accents.

Web site:  

Glacially slow loading, confusing, poorly set up and woefully slow to respond. Also makes you reboot your web browser to use it. Avoid.





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