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Rum Flavored - Bacardi Razz


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Bacardi Razz
Bacardi Limited, Catano, Puerto Rico
IMPORTER: Bacardi USA, Miami, Florida

Molasses, Fruit
PROOF:  70 (35%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Flavored, Fruit

PRICE: $18.00 - 750 ml



: Most of our notes on Bacardi can be found here. Other Bacardi flavored rums are: Big Apple, Limón, Coconut, Dragonberry, Grand Melon, O, Peach, and Mojito in the flavored line. Not to mention various premixed and ready to drink concoctions - some of which actually contain rum, others a malt alcohol, or none at all depending on the product or in some cases, country.

What is Razz you may ask? Raspberry. A slightly edgier attempt to name (as in to razz someone) a fruit flavor? Attempting to make it sound a bit less like a kiddie drink or taste? Not sure, but the taste certainly is kiddie candy like.

Appearance: Clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin, but tenacious clear coat on the inside of the glass, then develops legs and some droplets on the edge line.

First Impression: Aromatic fake raspberry notes, more gummy candy note than real fruit.

Taste: Raspberry jello, lots of sugar. Tastes like a very watered down jello with nasty white rum. Sickly aftertaste.

Drinks: Can't bear the thought.

Cigars: Swisher Sweets.

Bottle: Clear glass with silkscreened graphics and a screwcap .

Final Thoughts: Think raspberry jello dissolved with cheap rum . Not a serious rum or something for a serious drinker. A raspberry abortion in a bottle.

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