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Ready to Drink - Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade


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Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Lighting Lemonade
Jeremiah Weed Co., Plainfield, Illinois

INGREDIENTS: Grain, Unknown Type (Barley?) Natural flavors and certified color
PROOF: 11.6 (5.8%) 
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Flavored Ready to Drink Cocktail

PRICE: $2.79 - 1 Pint 7.5 FL OZ or 23.5 FL.OZ Can


Not entirely sure how to start commenting on this one. Many "lemonades" use a distilled alcohol of some type as part of their recipe - both the cocktail recipes and other RTD's that are sold in different (or sometimes the same venues). Part of this is due to our torturous federal alcohol taxation laws and another part in the equally tortuous and byzantine state (and sometimes even local) alcohol laws which legislate taxation and access not so much by percentage of alcohol as the source alcohol. A malt derived alcohol is taxed and treated like a beer product, a wine product as wine, and a product using a distilled alcohol as a source of it's alcohol is treated like a liquor - no matter how low the alcohol level. This is not the case in Europe (for the most part) where many of your RTD's here have completely different formulas and do not use a malt base.

Appearance: Translucent yellow- looks like almost every other coporate idea of lemonade - alcoholic or non alcoholic.

First Impression: Not a lot to work with. Citric lemon flavors again a kind of industrial profile/model of a lemonade drink.That being said, one of the better ready to drink lemonades.

Taste: Bear in mind this drink is very temperature dependent. Served as a very cold drink it tastes more like a nice sweet lemonade drink with a slight kick to it. If however it starts to warm up , well, a flat highball (bourbon and ginger ale) which all the ice has melted with some ice tea notes to it - springs to mind. So be sure to serve it ice cold and/or over ice. Also because of the size of the can (which states it is 2 servings btw), share it out between friends and don't let it get warm by trying to drink the whole thing yourself.

Drinks: No, it is a ready to drink, not a mixer.

Cigars: No, more a Marlboro cigarette kind of drink.

Bottle: In this case actually a can. Tall malt liquor style, gold bronze with red medallion

Final Thoughts: Not something I would personally chose to drink, but very good especially compared to most RTD's - Beats the competition as our favorite Ready to Drink and beats Mikes Hard Lemonade hands down in our taste test  - not ot mention it is also cheaper. Not as saccharine sweet and fake tasting as many, and reasonably well done. An excellent alternative to beer for the younger crowd who is looking for an easy-to-drink mildly sweet drink.

Web site: http://www.jeremiahweed.com

Overall rating:
Green OliveGreen OliveGreen OliveGreen OliveGrey Olive
Grey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey Olive


Value/price rating:
Green OliveGreen OliveGreen OliveGreen OliveGreen Olive
Green OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey OliveGrey Olive