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Mixer/Flavoring - Tequila Tamer


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Tequila Tamer - New Formulation!
Tamer Beverage Company, Carlsbad, California

INGREDIANTS: Organic tomato juice, lime juice, grenadine, aged and roasted peppers among other spices
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Chaser

PRICE: $14.95 32 oz.

: A twist on Sangrita (a traditional Mexican accompaniment to Tequila not Sangria - which is a wine based drink) this non alcoholic product is more similar to a Bloody Mary without alcohol but better in many respects the primary ones being mixability,drinkability, and quality of ingredients.

Made with organic tomato juice, lime juice, grenadine (REAL grenadine made from pomegranates, not some artificial chemical version and red dye) and aged red peppers (and they do not use corn syrup - but real sugar as sweetener) so if not entirely organic, great quality ingredients and infinitely better for you than the mass produced concoctions that are everywhere.

It is designed not only to taste good but to provide a source of hydration and vitamins also - something important to keep in mind while drinking. In a stark contrast to other mixers like the oceans of cheap tomato juice and chemicals that constitute the bulk of Bloody Mary mixes, or the corn syrup, chemicals and dyes that make up most margarita mixes this is a high quality, thoughtfully made, and tasty product .

Appearance: Slightly ominous at fist glance, looks like slightly watery venous blood. On closer examination, a slightly pulpy, juicy mixer with small flecks of red pepper.

First Impression: Slightly earthy,sweet, fruity, and hints of spiciness and a nice slow warmth. Nice earthy tomato anchors the citrus, fruit and spices, with a slightly sweet aromatic bouquet.

Taste: Tomato,lime, and pomegranate in about that order in a a slightly piquant and sweet blend followed by the red peppers and mild black pepper as the finishing notes with a Nice mild lingering finish to it that is slightly sweet, a little warm and a nice blend of citrus and savory.

Drinks: While highly recommended for tequila and vodka chaser we decided to take it a few steps further . . .works great with bourbon, cognac, scotch, mezcal, and absinthe.
Much tastier than a pickleback chaser and better for you. Can't wait to try it as a mixer many possibilities here I think.
Other: Recently remixed/adjusted formula is much more more pomegranate, citrus and pepper. A deft tweaking of a already excellent product. Also a 2 oz serving provides 100% of your suggested dose of vitamin C unlike many of their competitors whose sugar, corn syrup and carb loadings would make McDonalds blush. Available with handmade walnut serving tray with fitted spaces for 32 oz bottle and 2 or 4 glasses (pictured) each for Tequila and Tamer to avoid those nasty (and expensive) accidents.

Final Thoughts: A excellently made, complex and tasty product. Nicely done, highly versatile, and eminently drinkable. Highly recommended for a chaser of tequila and many other forms of alcohol. It provides a broad spectrum of tastes harmoniously blended for not only for tequila or other spirits but a great tasting product on its own either during the party or the morning afterward. Yes , it is more expensive than a lot of the cheap mixers out there but you really get what you pay for. See my cocktail math table to see how little extra you are paying for quality.

Bottle: Cylindrical amber colored clear glass with rounded shoulders and short, stubby neck to it. Label looks more like a hot sauce label than a beverage bottle.


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Has product descriptions/story, drink recipes, ordering information, etc., well organized if a touch boring visually.




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