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Mixer/Flavoring - Jasmine Water
Fee Brothers


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Fee Brothers Jasmine Water
Fee Brothers, Rochester, New York

Major Ingredients: Water, jasmine extract
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Flavoring

PRICE: $4.85 - 4 oz.

Notes: Fee Brothers has been in business since April 1,1864 in Rochester, New York. Along with being one of the few remaining manufacturers of bitters, they also are one of the largest bar mixes and supply firms in the U.S. and produce flavorings and syrups for coffee shops, restaurants, etc. This is part of the water series which include orange flower, rose, and lavender.

Appearance: Bright, crystal clear,no separation of extract and water.  

First ImpressionNicely fragrant jasmine smells.

Taste: Nice taste - authentic jasmine taste. A bit light in flavor.

Drinks: Used in Drinks such as a Gin Fizz - worked well in ours.

Other: Fee Brothers are also purveyors of many other products. A short list of some of their other products we have reviewed include their large variety of bitters including: Aztec Chocolate, Cherry, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mint, Old Fashioned Aromatic (Angostura), (West Indian) Orange, Peach, Rhubarb, Whiskey Barrel Aged Batch 1, Whiskey Barrel Aged Batch 2 , and Whiskey Barrel Aged Batch 3 . Fee Brothers products are the *only* bitters commercially available in U.S. that contains real angostura bark as a bittering and flavor component.

Final Thoughts: While not as intense as some we have tried, a light touch can be a good thing. Also not full of artificial flavorings so points for that.

Bottle: Simple clear glass bottle with fluted sides makes for a better and surer grip than most, fliptop closure for ease of use/dispensing. It is distinguished from the other bottles by the orange color of the printing and white colored shrinkwrap around the top and neck.

Website: or order from Keg Works




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