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Liqueur- TY KU
TY KU - Forest Grove, Oregon


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: TY KU International, Manhasset, New York

PROOF: 40 (20%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Fruit, Sake, Vodka
PRICE: $25-30 750ML


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Notes: Imported by TY KU, this is their first and signature product. They also have a sake and a soju.

First Impression: Vague fruit and citrus notes, somewhat muddled, almost what we would call a muddy bouquet as there are so many but at the same time rather indistinct differentation of smells.

Appearance: Cloudy green, on swirling leaves a even coat on the glass with the edgeline retreating uniformly without development of legs, droplets or anything - first time we have ever seen anything do this.

Taste: Fruit syrup/candy taste to it, slippery mouthfeel and lingering somewhat plastic fruity taste to it. Reminds me of a soap or maybe a dental product. Disquieting.

Drinks: We think it might be useful in a Tiki drink or something that calls for Midori or similar liqueurs.

Bottle: Frosted triangular (think tall, narrow pyramid) style bottle, with elegant minimalist graphics and silver colored cap and bottom band. Since liqueur is green so is the bottles appearance. Bottle lights up when you push button on bottom of bottle.

Final Thoughts: Unlike the sake, we can't say we are a fan. We just can get our mind or tastes behind this one.

Website: http://www.trytyku.com

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