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Liqueur- Troll Cognac, Cream & Vanilla
Saint Morillon, France


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Troll Cognac Cream and Vanilla Liqueur
Oposit Wine and Spirits, Saint Morillon, France
: Aiko Importers, Inc., Mount Pleasant, S.C.

PROOF: 34 (17%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Cream, Spice
PRICE: $25.99 750ML


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: We have seen scores of cream and cognac, and sometimes cognac vanilla, and etc., liqueurs but this is the first time we have seen this blend before. A mixture of aged cognac, Madagascar vanilla (best kind) and milk. Frankly we had our doubts between the name "Troll Liqueur" and the ingredients. We were quite prepared to write this one of immediately - and were pleasantly surprised instead.There is also another version of Troll - a vodka with a lot of fruits,roots and assorted other things.

First Impression: Mild cognac and vanilla notes, rather rich, nicely plush/slightly fatty smells to it. Pleasant vanilla, almost seems like cinnamon too, overtones, sweet smelling like a liquid cake batter.

Appearance: Off white, sort of reminds me of Dutch Advocaat or French toast batter, leave a milk coat on the glass when swirled with a milky edgeline.

As advertised, cognac, vanilla and milk / cream actually not bad, rather sweet and quite a bit of vanilla but in a pleasant way - unlike a number of recent cognac and vanilla liqueurs that have come out lately. Aged cognac base seemed to be decent quality and they used a good grade of Madagascar vanilla bean. Actually quite tasty.

Drinks: There are a number of drinks on their website- none of which we cared for much but not because we disliked the Troll. I made a vanilla variation on a Brandy Alexander by simply grating some nutmeg on top of a glass of Troll.

Bottle: Cylindrical dark green with squared off shoulder and rounded bottom to it. With white silkscreen lettering and pink drawing of female troll. Pink neckband and screw cap closure.

Other: Troll liqueur has broken new ground with the hiring of Ashlynn Brooke as their brand ambassador - just Google or Bing her name if you are not familiar with her body of work. " Available for on and off premise activities " - first time we have ever heard of a porn star being hired as brand ambassador - no , we don't know how much you have to buy to qualify.

Final Thoughts: A very smooth, tasty, and enjoyable liqueur. Highly recommended for those who like those kind of liqueurs, much better than many we have tried. Mixologists and bartenders should certainly give it a try and see what cocktails they can create with it - I think it has some good potential.

Website: http://www.gettrolling.com

Interesting website - kind of a modern party page meets "Warcraft." Not a lot of information but has drinks recipes and other odds and ends.

Value/price rating:

Grey OliveGrey OliveGrey Olive



Overall rating:

Grey OliveGrey Olive