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Liqueur - Prichard's Sweet Georgia Belle Prichard's Distillery, Kelso, Tennessee USA


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Prichard's Sweet Georgia Belle Liqueur
Prichard's Distillery, Kelso, Tennessee, USA

PROOF: 70 (35%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Fruit
PRICE: $29.99 750 ml


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Note: Prichard's rum being pot distilled from Grade A Fancy molasses (not the blackstrap type) is similar to what Noni does to produce its "Super Grappa" (See the "about" section on grappa). They use much higher quality ingredients than the industry standard, and so yield an amazing product. Distilled five times in a small pot still, Sweet Georgia Belle uses a base of this rum with an infusion of peach and mango. Some of the other products they produce are Prichards Silver Rum, Prichards Fine Rum, and Prichards Double Barrel Bourbon.

First Impression: Heavy scent of peaches, mango, tropical fruits, citrus, and of course rum.

Appearance:  Beautiful amber color - clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. The color belies its age - (its the "Lolita" of rum) - looks older and more seductive than its chronological age - at least  twice and in some respects three times as old as its age of about 3 years. This is due in part to the use of 15 gallon casks rather than the industry standard of 52 gallons, so there is much more rum-to-char contact, not just 3-1 as you would think.

Taste: Sweet, syrupy, with a bit of burn/warmth. Basically, rum with a lot of flavors essences added. Decent quality rum and flavorings - just overly sweet - too much for my personal taste!

Drinks: A spritzer maybe? Very sweet to start with so a little leery about adding sweet juices to it. Would be good with a sparkler for a fruity mimosa type drink. Other possibilities would be to use as substitute for Grand Marnier or Cointreau for a peach mango rum twist instead of an orange or orange/cognac in a drink.

Bottle: Nice clear glass bottle with easy to read labels combination of silk screening and paper. Real cork closure, black neckwrap with gold ribbon/seal with Prichard family crest.

Final Thoughts: While not actually bad, not to my taste and I just can't get too enthused about it.

Website: http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/pages/home.html

Quick-loading, well laid-out, and informative.

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