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Liqueur- Killepitsch
Niche Wine and Spirit Importers


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Imported by Niche Wine and Spirit, Cedar Knolls , New Jersey

PROOF: 84 (42%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Bitter (Germany)
AGE: Unknown
PRICE: $30 750ML

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First Impression: Black as pitch in the bottle, spicy dark fruits and citrus, then herbaceaus and slightly astringent (gentian?) at first whiff.

Appearance: Dark red/gold color; it leaves a thin coat on swirling. It could be mistaken for a cough syrup. The viscosity and caramel residue need a little work. . .

Taste: Sweet, oily mouth feel, with intense dark fruits, berries, then black pepper. A slight cloying aftertaste and only mild alcohol aftertaste reminds me of some chinese cough syrups I used years ago, but more complex. It seems to use a disturbing amount of caramel, which is a pity, as I think it dumbs down the aromas and tastes for the sake of coloration.

Drinks: Would probably make a very nice (or better frankly) substitute for Jaegermeister, also can recommend it as a sweeter alternative to Campari, particularly for a Killepitsch and Tonic (or Killer Tonic as we call it). Makes a great base for mulled wine for the winter months (particularly the Christmas season) without all that tedious mixing and prepping ingredients.

Bottle: Simple clear glass bottle, somewhat distinctive (high sloped shoulder and large raised "A" in the back).

Other: Twice-distilled and aged in small casks.

Final Thoughts: A heavy, fruity, liqueur that is quite good and interesting.It does however need someone to develop some drinks for it to really go anywhere.

Website: Two of them actually. The American importer's website is :

and the original German distiller's website:

Quick loading website- unfortunately only in German. Straight-forward, easy-to- navigate.




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