Liqueur- Raspberry Liqueur
Hidden Marsh Distillery, Seneca Falls, New York


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Marshland Series Raspberry Liqueur
Hidden Marsh Distillery, Seneca Falls, New York

PROOF: 36 (18%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Fruit
PRICE: $24.99 375 ML


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Hidden Marsh is one of the newer distilleries in the the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, producing artisanal products on a small scale. They also produce a outstanding vodka made from honey called Bee Vodka and a honey brandy along with an apple brandy and a maple liqueur among other products.The Finger Lakes is a well known area for wines and wineries with over 200 at last count. What is much less well known is the proliferation of distilleries in the areas and the production of grape, berry and fruit based spirits along with the more traditional grain based spirits which lends some unique flavors and nuances to their products. Made in a small hybrid column/pot still.

Appearance: Raspberry red in a natural appearing way - not a neon colored fake. Very thin coating on glass. Slowly goes from scalloped edgeline to legs, then droplets.

First Impression: Raspberry in a slightly woody, natural way - not some overamped fake chemical way.

Taste: Slightly thick body and entry to it. Nicely authentic flavor to it without being over sweetened. Nice berry and slight seedy/acidic notes to it.

Drinks: Works well with rum. Swap out grenadine syrup or cherry heering in drinks for a somewhat drier interesting spin on a cocktail. Could be substituted for St Germain in many drinks calling for it. Excellent over pastries or ice cream also.

Bottle: Clear glass, cylindrical eau de vie type bottle. Metallic paper label, black plastic neckwrap with pull top cork closure make it a atractive package.

Final Thoughts: Nicely done liqueur. A touch pricey compared to some but excellent quality and innovative.

Website: http://www.montezumawinery.com

A nicely done website that mostly covers their extensive wine offerings. New website for spirits should be up soon.



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