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Liqueur- Everglo


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Importer: Winegard, New Hyde Park, New York

PROOF: 40 (20%)
TYPE: Liqueur, Complicated - see below
PRICE: $22.00 750 ML


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Made of a hellbroth mix of triple distilled vodka, tequila of questionable origin, lemons, limes, caffeine, ginseng and colors and dyes that would make a patent medicine maker cry "Hold, too much!"

Appearance: Almost the color of certain brands of actual antifreeze/engine coolant - in other words, scary. Something that screams, poison, blindness, multiple organ failure, not "Drink me." Also highly reminiscent of the glow from an old radium watch (maybe that is where the name and coloring descisions came from!). Fluorescent candy color must be designed to attract the amateur crowd. Coats the glass evenly on swirling then retreats in on itself like a gel rather than a liquid. Viscosity is scary to watch - again closer to antifreeze than I care to think about.

First Impression: Plastic air freshener / candy smell to it. Lemon / lime "Sprite" kind of smell with a heavy corn sweetener funk to it like a fountain syrup.

Taste: Thick body and entry to it. Syrup-like with a heavy lemon/lime gatorade taste to it with plastic resin notes commingled with the tang of bad tequila and vodka. If I mixed some sort of flat lemon lime soda / syrup, antifreeze (propylene glycol or similar) and the contents of a Mexican bordertown spittoon and maybe some tequila bought in the alley in a former pesticide bottle I could probably do better than this.

Tastes like they took gummi lifesavers and dissolved them into said tequila. The long finish clings like grim death and makes you think you were drinking some gelled air freshener or sterno gel packs.

Drinks: This is not something I would put in a serious drink! The thought of trying anymore of this chemical nightmare filled us with loathing. No good could possibly come from this stuff.

Bottle: Stereotypical frosted glass cylinder with sharp shoulder. Can't miss the color - look for the antifreeze in the frosted bottle or that someone filled a slurry of radium paint in a bottle. (I could make a joke about radium dirty bombs disquised as Everglo - but I will abstain. I will say though I have had radium water and have to say it was downright delicious compared to this - not that I reccomend either!)

Final Thoughts: Unutterably foul, far too sweet syrupy, laced with caffeine and colored to look like a candy drink. Makes you wonder who their audience is supposed to be. Hmm.., lets see, candy like, bright colored, lots of stimulants, sex references and veiled party down references, makes you wonder. . .

Given a choice I would far rather drink Shaasis Liquor (what you get from tapping the landing gear or other hydraulic systems on a MIG) or the Cobra Rice Whiskey than this candied filth in a bottle.

I thought that medical imaging dye/marker fluid was one of the foulest things I have ever tasted but this proves me sadly wrong. Even colonoscopy prep tastes better and has a better mouthfeel than this. I have to stop writing now because I am getting nauseous from this crap.

Website: http://www.everglo.com

A lot of it is outdated or doesn't work, obviously desgned to appeal to frat boys and yahoos, with statements that would make DISCUS (Distilled Spirits Council of The United States) or any other responsible alcohol consumption groups cringe (in my opinion).

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Overall rating: