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Liqueur- Café Bohêmé


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Café Bohêmé Liqueur
Imported by Kobrand Corporation , Purchase, New York

PROOF: 32 (16%)
TYPE: Liqueur, coffee
PRICE: $22.00 750ML


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Notes: A multinational blend of products make up this new créme (cream) liqueur. Coffee from various countries, créme from Holland, vodka from France.

First Impression: Subdued coffee notes with vanilla, spices, (mace, cinnamon?) at first, followed by other subtle notes (coconut?) with slight alkali tang balancing the sweetness. Only hints of alcohol- a subtle mix.

Appearance: Brown cream like a brown eggshell, on swirling leaves a even, somewhat thick coating on the glass.

Taste: Sweet, creamy/oily mouth feel nicely balanced coffee, cream and vanilla then a lingering pleasant spicy taste. Only mild alcohol aftertaste, smooth and sweet.

Drinks: Subtle addition to many drinks calling for a coffee liqueur and their proprietary drinks (formulated by Contemporary Cocktails, Inc.) were excellent.

Bottle: Dark brown (almost opaque) glass bottle cylindrical to sloping shoulder with graphic of Paris cafe. Gold neckwrap/collar.

Final Thoughts: A very drinkable coffee cream-type liqueur - much better than most with more subtle blending and spicing than many of its competitors.
Well worth a try (buy the 375 ml size first just to be sure if you like it); it's smooth, flavorful and balanced.

Website: http://www.cafeboheme.com

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